Boasting a high profile client list and operating in Georgia, Thompson Grading is the leading earthworks and excavation contractor in Georgia.

Specializing in  earth moving and excavations, Thompson Grading, Inc. have  built up one of the finest reputations in Georgia since 1971.

Thompson Grading, Inc.

d/b/a Calvin Thompson Construction Company

Calvin Thompson - Inventor of the Thompson Slope Packer saves time, labor, and equipment cost.

“It took a dozer one hour and 40 minutes to walk a 100ft. of 12-ft. vertical slope.  It took the Slope Packer 15 minutes to do the same job.  There’s a 78% savings there.”

The Rockland Thompson Slope Packer allows an excavator to be used to “surface rough” slopes significantly faster than a crawler dozer or loader.